Yamaha STAGEPAS600BT portatiivne Bluetooth helikomplekt

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Yamaha STAGEPAS 600BT on Bluetooth ühendusega PA süsteem, mis pakub erinevates seadetes mobiilset ja terviklikku PA lahendust. Mitmekülgne süsteem sisaldab endas kahte Yamaha 10" passiivkõlarit, ühte aktiivset 680W (340 W + 340 W) mikserpulti ja ühendamiseks vajalikke kõlarikaableid. Yamaha STAGEPAS 600BT PA süsteem on hõlpsasti paigaldatav ja võimaldab lisaks ühendada ka Yamaha DBR, DXR või DSR seeria, samuti mõne teise brändi sobiv subwoofer. Süsteem pakub instrumentidega või vokaalidega kasutamiseks nelja SPX reverb'i, elektrikitarri ühendamiseks Hi-Z switch ühendust, fantoomtoidet kondensaator mikrofonide ühendamiseks ning palju muud. Süsteemi passiivkõlarid on kasutatavad ka 50° kaldenurgaga põrandamonitoridena. iPodi ja iPhone'i laadimiseks on süsteemil USB sisend.

All the World's YOUR Stage

When it comes to portable live sound solutions, it doesn't get any better than STAGEPAS. With impressive power and sound quality, intuitive control, and a comprehensive array of flexible features, including a new Bluetooth® wireless audio streaming function, this all-in-one PA system builds on the STAGEPAS legacy of providing everything you need to transform any environment into your own personal stage.

The Ultimate All-in-One Portable PA System

  • You can take literally anywhere the all-in-one PA system STAGEPAS which is compact and light enough to carry by hand. The two lightweight speakers and a detachable mixer, along with one pair of speaker cables and a power cord, combine into an attractive, compact package that provides the kind of portability that no roadie would ever dare to dream of.

Fast and easy set-up

  • With its intuitive, simple design, STAGEPAS can be set up and ready to go in a matter of seconds. Even users with no PA operation experience will be able to produce high-quality sound in under a minute.

A PA for any occasion

  • Flexible enough to be used in a truly impressive range of environments and applications, STAGEPAS systems can be set up in a variety of PA and monitoring configurations.

Bluetooth® Wireless Audio Streaming

  • Equipped with a Bluetooth input for wireless audio streaming from smartphones or tablets, the STAGEPAS-BT models let you seamlessly play backing tracks for gigs, or set the tone of parties, conferences, or events with the audio playback of your choice.

SPX digital reverb

  • One knob gives you access to four different high-quality reverb settings, perfect for vocals and acoustic instruments. Simply turn the knob to change the reverb type and time, and then you’re ready to apply just the right amount of high-resolution effect to each channel.

1-Knob Master EQ™

  • This new function gives you instant mastery of your mix, allowing you to match your sound to your surroundings. Simply turn the knob to optimize the EQ for speaking engagements, musical performances, or just to kick in more bass; getting your sound right has never been so easy.

Feedback suppressor

  • Avoid the uncomfortable feedback that plagues so many sound reinforcement novices and professionals alike. Usually found only on high-end gear, this intelligent function removes feedback automatically with the push of a button, giving you a clear, professional sound.

Channel EQ

Assign detailed EQ settings to each channel for precise management of your final sound. Great sounding 2-band EQ on the STAGEPAS 400BT and more flexible 3-band EQ on the 600BT make setup easy and precise. Vocal and guitar performances especially will benefit from newly added mid-range control on 600BT.

Hi-Z switch

Connect acoustic-electric guitars and basses to enjoy high-quality performance with low distortion. Passive pickup instruments can be connected hassle-free, without a direct box.

Switchable stereo/mono inputs

A versatile new feature that allows you to transform each stereo channel input into two independent mono inputs, giving you the flexibility to adapt to the needs of a broad range of performance requirements.

Phantom power

Connect condenser microphones directly to STAGEPAS to get the best sound quality possible. Phantom power also means you won't have to worry about DI boxes losing their charge during a performance.

Reverb footswitch

For hands-free control of your reverb, connecting an optional footswitch allows you to turn the reverb on and off instantly—perfect for MC-ing events or speaking during solo performances.

Monitor out

Expand your front-of-house system or set up a monitoring system by using the STAGEPAS together with other powered speakers such as Yamaha's DBR, DXR and DSR powered speaker lines.

Subwoofer out

Add more bottom end to your system by connecting a powered subwoofer such as the Yamaha DXS Series. Simply plugging in a subwoofer will assign a high-pass filter to the STAGEPAS speakers automatically.

More power. More possibilities

Delivering 680 and 400 watts of power respectively, the STAGEPAS 600BT and 400BT offer a major boost in performance, allowing you to meet the demands of a wider range of situations.

Same sonic experience throughout a wider coverage area

For use in larger spaces with a sizable audience, STAGEPAS is capable of delivering consistent high-quality sound throughout a greater coverage area than ever before with custom-designed speaker components that ensure the entire audience shares the same sonic experience.

Intelligent DSP for peak performance that lasts

STAGEPAS utilizes digital signal processing (DSP) to consistently produce high-quality, distortionfree sound at any volume level, whether you’re giving a business presentation or cutting loose in a club. What’s more, Yamaha’s intelligent DSP incorporates the use of advanced limiter circuits to protect vital STAGEPAS components, ensuring that you get the most out of your gear for years to come.

  • 400W (200W + 200W) power output
  • High quality speakers (LF:8" woofer/ HF:1" voice coil compression driver)
  • Detachable 8-channel mixer (4 mono/line + 4 mono / 2 stereo line)
  • Bluetooth® audio streaming
  • 1-Knob Master EQ™ with virtual bass boost
  • High resolution SPX digital reverbs (4 types, parameter control)
  • Onboard feedback suppressor
  • Great-sounding 2-band channel EQ
  • Switchable stereo/ mono inputs
  • Hi-Z (high impedance) inputs
  • Phantom power
  • Monitor and Subwoofer outputs
  • Optional reverb footswitch


Mixing cabability

  • Mixing channels: 10
  • Input channel functions: Hi-Z switch: CH4, ST/MONO switch: CH5/6-9/10
  • Output channel functions: Feedback suppressor, 1-Knob Master EQ™


  • Inputs: 4 mono mic / line + 6 mono / 3 stereo line
  • Phantom power: +30V (CH1, 2)
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth Ver.4.1, A2DP v1.2, Maximum Range: Approx. 10 m
  • Control and others: Reverb foot switch

Input Channel Function

  • Hi-Z: CH4
  • EQ HIGH: HIGH Shelving: 8 kHz
  • EQ LOW: LOW Shelving: 100 Hz
  • EQ MID: MID peaking: 2.5 kHz

On-board processors

  • DSP: SPX digital reverb (4 program, parameter control)

On-board amplifiers

  • Maximum output power @4ohms: 680W (340 W + 340 W) (Dynamic), 560W (280W + 280W) (Continuous)
  • Speaker type: Two-way bass-relfex speakers
  • Frequency range (-10dB): 55 Hz - 20 kHz

Nominal coverage

  • H: 90°
  • V: 60°
  • Floor Monitor Angle: 50°


  • LF: 10" (25 cm) cone
  • HF: 1.4" (3.56 cm) voice coil compression driver
  • Maximum output level (1m; on axis): 129 dB SPL / speaker
  • Power requirements: 100 V - 240 V 50 Hz/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 35 W (Idle), 100 W (1/8 Power)
  • Pole socket: 34.8-35.2 mm pole socket with StageLok™
  • Accessories: Cover panel, Power cord (2m), 2 x Speaker cables (6m), 12 x Non-skid pads, 2 x Ferrite Cores, 2 x Cable ties
  • Options: Yamaha BMS10A (mic stand adaptor) for mixer mount, FC5 (foot switch) for reverb ON/OFF
  • Others: Handle: 1 x Top
  • Mõõtmed: Speaker 335 x 545 x 319 mm, Mixer 348 x 197 x 135 mm
  • Kaal: 25.6 kg (56.4lbs) (2 x Speaker 10.9 kg + Mixer 3.8 kg)

Pakend sisaldab:

  • Yamaha 10" passiivkõlarid 2 tk
  • Mikserpult 1 tk
  • Kattepaneel 1 tk
  • Toitekaabel (2m) 1 tk
  • Kõlarikaablid (6m) 2 tk
  • Libisemiskindlad padid 12 tk
  • Ferrite Cores 2 tk
  • Kaabliköidised 2 tk

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