RCF DX 4008 4 IN 8 OUT Digital speaker processor

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RCF DX 4008


The DX 4008 is a complete 4 input - 8 output digital loudspeaker management system designed for the touring or fixed sound installation markets.

The absolute latest in available technology is utilized with 32-bit (40-bit extended) floating point processor and high performance 24-bit Analog Converters. The high-bit DSP prevents noise and distortion induced by truncation errors of the commonly used 24-bit fixed-point devices. A complete set of parameters include I/O levels, delay,polarity, 6 bands of parametric EQ per channel, multiple crossover selections and full function limiters. The DX 4008 can be controlled or configured in real time on the panel or with the intuitive PC GUI accessed via the RS 232 interface. Software upgrade for CPU and DSP via PC keeps the device current with newly developed algorithms and function once available. Multiple setup storage and system security complete this professional package.


  • The DX 4008 is a complete 4 input - 8 output digital loudspeaker management system designed for the touring or fixed sound installation markets
  • Sampling rate can be set to 96kHz
  • Precise frequency control is achieved with its 1 Hz resolution
  • Inputs and outputs can be routed in multiple configuration to meet any requirements
  • The DX 4008 is shipped with a special PC Graphic User Interface (GUI) application - XLink
  • XLink gives the user an option to control the DX 4008 unit from a remote PC via the RS232 serial communication link
  • The GUI application makes much easier control and monitor the device, allowing the user to get the whole picture on one screen
  • Programs can be recalled and stored from/to PC's hard drive, thus expanding the storage to become virtuality limitless


  • Touring sound
  • Fixed installations


Input and output

  • Input Impendance:>10 kΩ
  • Output Impendance:50 Ω
  • Maximum Level:+ 20 dBu
  • Type:XLR 3 Electronically balanced


  • Frequency Response:+/- 0.1 dB (20 to 20 kHz)
  • Dynamic Range:115 dB typ (unweighted)
  • CMMR:> 60 dB (50 to 10 kHz)
  • Crosstalk:< -100 dB
  • Distortion:0.001% (1 kHz @ 18 dBu)

Digital audio performance

  • Resolution:32 bit (40-bit extended)
  • Sampling Rate:48 / 96 kHz
  • A/D - D/A Converters:24 bit
  • Propagation Delay:3 ms
  • No. of Programs:30

Front panel control

  • Display:4 x 26 Character Backlit LCD
  • Buttons:12 Mute Controls 12 Gain / Manu Controls 6 Menu Controls
  • "DATA" control:(dial encoder) Embedded Thumb Wheel
  • Level Meters:5 segment LED
  • Interface:RS 232 Female DB-9


  • Threshold:-20 to +20 dBu
  • Attack Time:0.3 to 100 ms
  • Release Time:2 to 32 X the attack time


  • Type:Parametric, Hi-shelf, Lo-shelf 6 per I/O
  • Gain:in 0.25dB steps -30 to +15dB
  • Bandwidth:(Q=0.5 to 72) 0.02 to 2.50 octaves
  • Filter Types:Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz Riley
  • Slopes:6 to 24dB/oct (96kHz) 6 to 48dB/oct (48kHz)


  • Operating voltage:220÷240 / 110÷120 ~ 50 / 60 V ~ Hz
  • Operating temperature range:0 ÷ +55 °C
  • Operating humidity:20 ÷ 90 % RH non-condensing


  • Mõõtmed: 44mm x 483mm x 203mm
  • Kaal: 3 kg


  • Mõõtmed: 80mm x 615mm x 60mm
  • Kaal: 4.3 kg

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  • RCF DX 4008 1 tk

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