Enttec Storm 24

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The world’s most powerful Ethernet-to-DMX converter

Giving you optimal performance at an affordable price point, Storm 24 handles multiple protocols with speed and precision. The rear of the unit features 24 DMX outputs in an RJ45 form factor. This means it’s installer-friendly, cost-effective, and most importantly, perfect for any LED pixel-mapped project or large traditional lighting rig.

With a Gigabit Ethernet connection and rugged 1u enclosure, Storm 24 handles Art-Net, sACN and ESP with ease. In addition, using ultra-fast memory and logic, its Sync Mode matches all 24 DMX outputs to within 100 microseconds of each other. This means no more image ghosting or tearing of your content.

Meanwhile, the Storm 24’s web interface features intuitive drag and drop functionality. Easily route and mix Ethernet input protocols to physical DMX and send to different areas of your installation. Furthermore, the inbuilt DMX generator allows channels to be set to different levels for testing without the need for an eDMX source.

Put simply, no other Ethernet-to-DMX converter on the market offers this level of performance.


Outstanding value

With a ground-breaking value per port system cost, DMX conversion is no longer a high-cost item in your pixel mapping budget. RJ45s further reduce cabling costs across your wider installation in comparison to more expensive XLR connectors.

Amazing performance

Using state-of-the-art programmable logic, ultra-fast DDR memory and Gigabit Ethernet, all 24 DMX outputs are synchronised to within 40 micro seconds of each other when using Sync Mode. This means no more image ghosting or jumpy updates of your content. No other device offers this level of performance.

Easy cabling

Easier and lower cabling costs using standard RJ45 outputs. Although XLR connectors are widely used in the entertainment world, when your project isn’t travelling the world on a regular basis, RJ45 connectors offer the best price/performance ratio. Using standard CAT6 cable to connect your whole system also helps keep the cost per port down. We use the standard ANSI E1.27-2 specified RJ45 pinout to make sure most equipment connections will be simple.


  • Input Voltage: 85 - 264V AC
  • Input Frequency: 47 - 63Hz
  • Unit Weight: 3kg/6.7lbs
  • Shipped Weight: 3.6kg/8lbs
  • Length With rack ears 483 mm/19.1 inches
  • Without rack ears 424 mm/16.7 inches
  • Width With rack ears 240 mm/9.5 inches
  • Without rack ears 207 mm/8.2 inches
  • Height: 32 mm/1.26 inches
  • Operating Environment Temperature: 0 - 50° Celsius
  • Relative humidity: 5 - 95% (non-condensing)
  • IP Rating: IP 20


  • 24 x Plink Output Ports (RJ-45)
  • 1 x Ethernet Connector
  • 1 x RS232 Connector
  • 2 x USB Host Connectors (un-used)

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  • Enttec Storm 24 1 tk
  • Ethernet kaabel 1 tk
  • Vooluadapter 1 tk

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